Wait, OMG! What Happened To Prancer's Antlers?

Those who serve Boursin cheese at their parties tend to be perfectionist hosts.  They sweat the details, want everything to be perfect, and embrace all aspects of the holidays.

Now Boursin Cheese's parent company Bel Brands and its agency Y&R Chicago are launching a holiday campaign with those research insights in mind.

"This campaign is driven by the insight that Boursin's target is constantly searching for the next thing to delight their guests and ensure their legacy as an amazing host," the agency stated. And their searches are frequently digital and increasingly mobile, which why this campaign is all digital, a first for the client.

The "Wow through the Holidays" mockumentary series follows a fictional family as various members host Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter in their own, quirky, over-the-top way. 



The Christmas Cake Miracle episode, for instance, shows the mom (Shirley) as she discovers one of the cake's reindeer figurines Prancer is missing antlers. The son expresses dissatisfaction after becoming  a human coat hanger while dressed as an elf.

The 3-minute clips also show scenes of characters eating the cheese, though the placement seems natural enough. The Christmas video posted on YouTube on November 23 has more than 32,500 views. 

In addition to the videos, Boursin is promoting the characters through bios and GIFs on their social media channel.

The brand has also launched the “Purveyor of Wow Shop,” a curated collection of party planning tips and tricks on Pinterest to inspire viewers to host their own parties.

This campaign is designed to last and will run into 2017 with new videos highlighting different holidays. 

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