All the Ad Agency Holiday Card News That's Fit To Print...Er...Post

As those of you still left in the office this week leading up to Christmas know full well, you might as well not be there at all. After all, your clients are all out of the office and so are your bosses. But, hey, life goes on for those of us who have to work right up until Christmas day. 

So what is going on this week? Other than Taco Bell attacking McDonald's for what it calls "Meh" breakfasts and Bose appointing Grey as its global creative agency, it's pretty much ad agencies stretching their creative muscle in the form of holiday cards and stunts. 

Droga5 thought it would be funny to hang a mistletoe in London's Tube during rush hour. And we all know just how much everyone riding a subway loves to interact with everyone. Yeah, it didn't go over so well.  

Red Peak is sending out actual Christmas cards that contain four separate packages of dry herbs. Why? Because herbs are like ad people. Sage for account management's sage counsel, parsley for Strategy who, ahem, parses through data, rosemary for design because it's never just a garnish and thyme for production which is...wait for it...always on time. 

MullenLowe created an Instagram account for Santa's retired reindeer. Yeah. Dancer and Prancer have retired because Santa lost weight at Youfit Health Clubs so the sleigh is lighter now. The Instagram account will share the adventures of Dancer and Prancer in retirement at South Beach. 

Conover Tuttle Pace has created a holiday story called Henry's Day which shares the story of a boy who is very excited to read. It's all to benefit the Read to a Child program. 

Spain-based Shackleton has created an app called Silent Night that is designed to detect election-related words (it's election season in Spain but it will work here too) and attempts to sway the Christmas dinner conversation in another direction with various no-political audio messages. 

Content marketing platform Uberflip is out with a content marketing Christmas Carol because, well, content marketing.  

MEC created a collection of lip sync videos featuring employees and the agency is asking people to vote for their favorite. 

Happy Holidays!

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