No Fear And Pity Ploys In This Children's Hospital Campaign

MDC Partners' Mono and the Children's Hospitals of Minnesota are introducing the "Give a $5" social media campaign to rally the community's support to donate money to the organization. 

People are encouraged to donate $5 and take a photo or video of them giving the high-five gesture. Then they are invited to send that link to five people to encourage them to make a video and donate $5 as well.  

The concept was chosen for its inspirational focus on kids, said agency executives, adding that it’s also an entertaining, low commitment way to get people’s attention. 

"In a category where fear and pity are the often-leveraged conventions, the campaign takes an optimistic, joyful approach to giving back to a valuable cause," the agency said. 

The campaign runs only in Minnesota with 30 spots for broadcast, digital video, digital banners, and paid social. 

This effort follows mono's integrated campaign for the organization that launched this fall to celebrate children as "the most amazing people on earth. We didn't want to focus on what Children's does, but rather who they do it for," said Michael Hart, founder and managing creative director, mono.   

Although this campaign is designed to do good, the work is not pro bono. "We began our work with Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota in 2014. We were inspired by their ambition to be perceived as more than just a children's hospital," says Hart. "They have a vision of becoming every family's essential partner in raising healthier children…They were in need of an agency partner to help them articulate that vision and execute it in a way that felt very different from traditional health care marketing.”

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