Publicis Communications Introduces Itself With Memo That Explains Nothing

It's really common practice for most internal ad agency memos to prodigiously pontificate about the wonders that set the agency apart from other agencies in the business, so it's never really a surprise to read a memo announcing a new agency setup that explains exactly nothing about the new setup. 

Last month, as you likely saw, Maurice Levy appeared in his annual video and hilariously (with Fabio-like wig and all) and discussed how Publicis would break down the silos (yet another say-nothing phrase) and reorganize itself into separate units (ahem, silos?). 

Now, Arthur Sadoun, who will lead Publicis Communications, has written a memo that -- well, give it a read and see if you can actually discern what he's saying: 

Subject: Another name change? “Publicis Communications.” 

Now, over the next 12 months, with the birth of Publicis Communications, we will be starting on a new journey, one that will bring its own unique challenges and opportunities. 



For the past five weeks we’ve been working with the heads of all the Groupe creative brands to define how we should work better together, what Publicis Communications should stand for and how to ensure that it doesn’t become another corporate layer but a support structure for all of our individual networks. We’ll be meeting with our global management teams in New York next week to finalize our action plan. I’ll then get back to you with a clear set of objectives and concrete measures to achieve them. 

For the past two years we’ve been on a great adventure together, and I’m incredibly proud to be by your side as we progress to its latest, most exciting stage. We’ve already achieved some great things, and I know that the best is still to come. 

Très bonne année à tous.



Explains a lot, right?

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