To Combat Declining Interest in Advertising, Belgium Urges Creative Heavies to Donate Their Sperm to Pass on Creativity

In an effort to maintain their admirable record of having won 78 Cannes Lions in the face of waning interest among those entering the job market, creative organization Creative Belgium has teamed with the Center for Reproductive Medicine of Brussels and ad agency Air to develop a program to ensure that Belgium continues to reign supreme at Cannes.

What have they come up with? Ad Babies. Yeah, that's right. Babies with a supposed predisposition to pursue a life in creativity. How are they accomplishing this goal? The effort urges Belgian creatives -- primarily those who have won many Lions -- to donate their sperm so that, oh, in a mere 22 years or so, the country will be flooded with youngsters who can't help but slavishly exude creativity and pump out Lions like America pumps out mass shootings.

Print ads, which feature Belgian creative heavies such as Geoffrey Hantson, Dieter De Ridder, Iwein Vandevyver and others, carry the headlines, "Are you in the creative industry? Become a donor. There's also a video summing up the effort. 

The donated sperm is said to be available at Jette hospital to anyone looking to raise a Baby Lion.



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