Expect To See More Rewards Attached To Mobile Video Ads

According to new research from the Winterberry Group, mobile video ads will increasingly contain rewarded elements.

Research shows that rewards and incentives for consumers viewing ads can influence engagement and address the problems that many marketers have with viewability.

Rewarded video ads may be more expensive, but they are also very effective at putting content in front of consumers and minimizing qualms about fraud.

77% of marketers are developing content to fuel their marketing efforts, 70% are creating more than they did last year, and 73% plan to increase their content creation budget.

Much of that new content produced will be video, which has become one of the most attractive formats for advertisers.

Smartphone users spend 88% of their time in-app as opposed to 12% in-browser. The time they spend there also means that ads become more relevant and better targeted as data collected by developers and publishers points advertisers in the right direction.



From developers to agencies, publishers to consumers, the report argues that video ads are the best way to please everyone. 84% of smartphone owners say viewing an ad in exchange for a reward is acceptable. Those consumers that do find rewarded ads acceptable also want them to be opt-in.

Being given a choice means that users will respect brands more and download more content.

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