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Companies Partner To Advance Smart Cities

AT&T will soon begin installing Internet of Things-enabled technology in several of the country’s largest cities as part of a push to spread “smart city” innovations nationwide. The massive telecom company unveiled a plan last week at its Developer Summit in Las Vegas to develop a new “smart cities framework,” working with Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and the Georgia Institute of Technology to install connected devices in sections of those cities and on the university’s campus. The effort also involves a substantial collaboration with other tech companies, with Cisco, Deloitte, Ericsson, GE, IBM, Intel and Qualcomm Technologies all pitching in to provide the technology that can take advantage of AT&T’s network. “There are very few, if any other companies in the world that can pull this many large players together to galvanize around one common goal and move them forward in a framework that can actually be deployed and scaled across the country,” Mike Zeto, the general manager of the company’s smart cities business, told StateScoop. 

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