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MasterCard Chief Raises Barbie Privacy Issues

The new Wi-Fi enabled Barbie is making news again — and for all the wrong reasons. The chief executive of MasterCard on Friday singled out the $75 Mattel doll as a security threat — the second time the tech-smart Barbie has run into trouble. Ajay Banga said hackers can gain control of Barbie’s voice and then “talk” to a child. The hackers can then win the confidence of the kid and, under certain circumstance, attempt to gain access to your home, Banga told attendees at a cybersecurity conference at New York University. “Now think about hacking into that Barbie doll remotely,” Banga added, “and telling your 3-year-old, ‘Is your mom at home right now? Can you open the door for me? I’m coming.’ ”

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  1. Gene Thomas from Telecom Consult, January 18, 2016 at 10:07 a.m.

    Do you need additional proof that the 'industry' does not care about internet security when it involves young, innocent and playful girls? I cannot think of a worse scenario! The design committee at the manufacture's location must be sent on the first aircraft straight to h3ll.

    I think a sci-fi horror movie could not dream up such a diabolical plait!!

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