What Did 'Mediapalooza' Really Accomplish?

It’s estimated that some $25 billion of media was put into review in 2015, by some of the world’s biggest advertisers. But did the assessments really change anything about the process of media planning and buying? 

ID Comms Co-Founder Tom Denford argues that real systemic change is likely to occur as a result of the next big wave of reviews, expected to take place in 2016. Last year’s massive set of reviews involved category leaders, who over time have played a huge role in shaping media agency offerings. They’re fairly content with the offerings and business models as they are, Denford argues. 

What they gained during “Mediapalooza,” Denford says, is “better terms and better talent” to steward their media planning and expenditures. 

The next wave of reviews will involve the tier of clients just under the category leaders — the second, third and fourth brands. And they’re not so content with the status quo and are likely to push agencies in different directions, demanding new models and blueprints, Denford argues. 



For a deeper dive into the issue, check out this video blog issued by ID Comms and featuring Denford and David Indo, also a co-founder of the media consulting and audit firm. The two execs also discuss the trend of advertisers forging more direct ties with media companies and the impact of GroupM’s acquisition of The Exchange Lab late last year. 

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