Reelevant Launches, Targets Mass Emails

Parisian start-up Reelevant recently launched a real-time email intelligence platform aimed at diminishing batch and blast campaigns.

The SaaS email analytics and personalization platform helps email marketers deliver more relevant content based on a customer’s real-time contextual and behavioral data. The company aims to increase email engagement by leveraging real-time data to change email content as needed in the moment.

Reelevant can currently change the content of an email message in real-time depending on a consumer’s device, geographic location and weather patterns.

For example, a retailer could leverage the platform to ensure they are advertising the correct seasonal gear, which might be particularly beneficial for advertisers and retailers during this year’s El Nino and its chaotic and rapid weather changes.

Personalized, segmented campaigns have been shown to drastically increase the return on investment of email marketing.

Yet many email marketers still use mass marketing messages routinely. These so called “batch and blast” campaigns are especially common for company’s who send a weekly email update to subscribers, and are weekly mass emails to every subscriber on a company’s email list.

Reelevant offers a handful of customizations for email marketers to personalize their messages in real-time, but its machine relies solely on Reelevant’s internal algorithms and data. This means that the machine powering Reelevant will become more powerful as time goes on, but it could be found lacking at such an early stage without data integration capabilities. 

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  1. kevin lee from Didit / eMarketing Association / Giving Forward, January 20, 2016 at 4:11 p.m.

    Soulds like to solves many of the same problems as SailThru.  Other ESPs and platforms are also learning the benefits of mass customization not only of message, but frequency and timing.

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