Cramer-Krasselt Gets the Super Bowl Shaft Again. Heinz Hands Super Bowl Work to Brazilian Agency

Way back in 2007, Cramer-Krasselt famously resigned the CareerBuilder account after the brand said it would place the account in review when the Super Bowl ad that Cramer-Krasselt made failed to place in the top ten.

At the time, Cramer-Krasselt President Peter Krivoch was pissed and reacted to the decision by telling Advertising Age, "You have to be fucking kidding me, right?" 

He followed that outburst with a memo to staff which read, "To our amazement, to our total astonishment, all that astounding business success was less important than one poll. C-Kers, we have to tell you -- in our entire history, hell in the history of this crazy thing called advertising, I'm not sure there has ever been anything as baseless or as unbelievable as that. It's so ludicrous and they are so serious about that poll it's almost funny."

And now, Krivoch says the agency, which created the famed flatulence-filled 2014 Super Bowl ad for Heinz, has been given the heave ho. Well, not exactly the heave ho. The brand is just going in a different direction. The brand will, instead, work with Miami office of Brazilian agency David, which will create a new "Meet the Ketchups" ad for this year's Super Bowl.

Kraft Heinz's connection to Brazil stems from the fact that one of its owners, 3G Capital, is a Brazilian investment firm. 



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