Email Most Used Channel For Data Collection

Email is the most commonly used channel to collect customer data, according to a new report released Tuesday by Experian Data Quality.

Some 63% of businesses use email to collect data, followed by 62% of companies that leverage customer data from their Web site, according to the report.

The 2016 global data management and benchmark report polled 1,400 data practitioners on data quality. 

Less than half of respondents admitted to collecting data in person or via call centers, and less than a third currently leverage social media or mobile applications to learn more about their customers.

The industry is expected to be in flux during the next five years. However, mobile applications and social media are expected to have the highest rate of growth. Some 27% of businesses use a mobile application as a channel for data collection, but 62% expect to use it by 2021. Similarly, social media is expected to grow from 29% of companies to 60%.

About 55% of companies still plan to use email for data collection in the next five years -- a drop from first to fifth place, according to Experian.




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