Partners + Simons Launches Healthcare Trust Measurement Tool

Partners + Simons has launched a new trust measurement model that it is rolling out to healthcare clients. The model is based on the agency's National Healthcare Trust Index that launched earlier this year. The Trust Index, which analyzes consumer trust levels and drivers for health plan and hospital selection, found that while trust in many institutions is at an all-time low, it is still a deciding factor to those consumers making healthcare decisions.

Of the new measurement model, Partners + Simons CEO Rich Levy said: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Today’s consumers are empowered with information that informs their healthcare selection and many are interacting with brands in new ways, forming emotional associations with the ones they support. Healthcare brands that are able to benchmark trust levels among their customers and prospects can deploy smarter marketing strategies.”

The agency says the new measurement model will help health plan providers and hospitals have greater visibility and insight into where their organization ranks based on trust as categorized by three metrics, ability, integrity and benevolence, which are measured against the national benchmark set by the Trust Index. 



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