NO MORE Domestic Violence Super Bowl Ad To Run In Third Quarter

NO MORE is running a Super Bowl spot in the third quarter to encourage people to notice signs of someone suffering from domestic violence and sexual assault.

"Text Talk" plays out in a text message conversation between two friends. One woman decided not to attend a friend's Super Bowl party because her boyfriend is in one of his moods. When asked if she's
OK, the abused woman can only begin typing -- as noted by the thought bubble icon -- but she never sends a response back to her friend.

See it here, created by Grey New York.

The spot ends by asking viewers to "TEXT 'NO MORE' TO 94543." People who opt into the text program will receive messages educating them on common signs of abuse and steps they can take to help victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.



The National Football League donated the airtime and paid for production costs.

"This PSA captures how most young people -- and many others -- use texting to communicate, and how sometimes saying a little says a lot," said Virginia Witt, director of NO MORE. "Learning more can empower people to have potentially life-saving conversations and reach out for help. We hope this will be one more step toward the culture change we are seeking around domestic violence and sexual assault."

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