Clarins Turns To Maxus For Beauty Campaign

Maxus, part of GroupM, is spearheading a new campaign for beauty products marketer Clarins targeting a new demo for the brand in the U.S.

Clarins initially turned to its media agency to research effective strategies in order to promote the beauty brand's creams among women ages 28-39, the new target audience.

The agency's insights evolved into an overarching brand strategy and a global consumer-facing creative campaign for Clarins. It’s designed to reframe beauty advertising by focusing on and creating a discussion around 'wrinkles' – seen by many as a forbidden theme across the beauty category.

The campaign will include a Facebook video platform that scrubs consumers' photos and finds moments that are "worth the wrinkle” (#WTW). Videos will be produced from that content that can be shared across social media. 

More than 20 influencers and bloggers will also be creating and sharing their own #WTW videos, encouraging followers to do the same. 



In addition to the social elements, the campaign will include out-of-home signage in cities, including New York, Boston, Miami and Chicago, as well as an in-store partnership with Sephora. 

Clarins is also working with Cosmo, Refinery29, Clique, and PopSugar for native advertising. The Cosmo spot, for instance, details the life of a Swan Lake ballerina describing how her challenges and dedication are "worth every wrinkle."



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