Texas Tourism Highlights Traveler Discoveries

Texas Tourism is launching a campaign featuring the experiences available to be discovered throughout the state.

Creative continues to feature the taglne "Texas. It's Like A Whole Other Country," but it transitions the traveler from the big picture to a more in-depth focus.

The effort includes national television, print and digital media.

Three TV spots focus on family fun, cuisine and traveling like a local. In “Imagination,” which brings a kid's and kid's-at-heart imagination to life, traveling families capture a glimpse of the adventures that await even the youngest travelers. “Many Flavors” highlights the culinary adventures one can experience through the many flavors of Texas. “Texas Means Friend” provides a welcoming Texan's-eye view of unique destinations.



Six print ads provide additional inspiration for travelers' next Texas trip. The print ads focus on a number of Texas passion points including beach, cuisine, outdoors, Western, music and shopping.

The effort also will use the tourism group’s Web site and social media including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

The campaign aligns with the latest consumer attitudes, as travelers are now more driven by authentic, personal experiences than by destination alone and have a strong desire to experience destinations like a local, says Brad Smyth, tourism director for Texas Tourism.

"Texas is a diverse destination, and the goal of our new creative is to showcase that diversity and immerse prospective travelers in the sights, sounds and flavors they will experience during a trip to our state," Smyth says in a release.

Research findings guided the campaign creative to strategically focus on family fun, cuisine and traveling like a local. The campaign targets Boomer, Millennial and Gen X travelers, with an emphasis on the latter two, which now count for more than half of non-resident overnight leisure travel.

Research shows that one in three leisure trips to Texas includes a child in the travel group with higher rates among Millennial and Gen X travelers. Dining out and experiencing local cuisine are among the top activities for visitors to the State.   

Images and video from the campaign were shot throughout the regions of Texas including Big Bend Country, the Gulf Coast, Hill Country and the Panhandle Plains.

Travel and tourism are vital to the Texas economy, with more than $70.6 billion spent at destinations across the state in 2014, according to the agency. Travel spending directly supported 630,000 jobs while generating $6 billion in state and local taxes.

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