Martell Package Becomes Google Cardboard To View Mobile 360-Degree VR Experience

To promote a new, limited-edition cognac, The Martell House and agency AKQA have created a stereoscopic 3D VR that takes mobile users on a virtual journey from Cognac, France to Shanghai, China.

A Google Cardboard (VR) headset is needed to view the La French Touch experience—and the brand also created first-of-its-kind limited-edition Martell cognac packaging that turns into a functional VR headset.

The experience is optimized for iOS8+ or Android 4.4+ and works on any popular mobile browser.  (A non-3D 30-second teaser can be viewed on YouTube.)

The limited-edition cognac, La French Touch by Martell, was created by Etienne de Crécy, a pioneer of the House cult music movement. 



An original soundtrack composed by French musician Danger accompanies the video.

The experience “pushes the boundaries” of WebGL for the mobile Web with fully immersive, 360-degree game play allowing viewers to explore their surroundings by turning their heads, reports AKQA. 

Players take control of an animated “swift bird” image (Martell House’s symbol), flying through 3D animations that pass a river and Paris at night and cross mountains and an ocean, before arriving at a bar in Shanghai. Along the way, players can collect items to score points and share their achievements on social. 

The experience is available in English, Vietnamese, “simplified” Chinese for mainland China, and traditional Chinese for Hong Kong and Taiwan.

La French Touch by Martell “celebrates French Art de Vivre in a contemporary way, and we wanted to go further with this cutting-edge virtual journey,” said Martell brand director Quentin Meurisse.

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