Perfect Fools Taps Vine Star For Wybo Vodka

Polish vodka brand Wyborowa Wodka (Wybo) is teaming with Swedish-based agency Perfect Fools to introduce a new global campaign backed by celebrity vlogger and Vine star Jon Paul Piques.

The concept behind 'Why Not?" encourages people to live beyond the expected and embrace the unknown in life by stepping outside of their comfort zone.

The campaign kicks off with a three-minute video that shows Los Angeles-based Piques accepting a challenge to follow the Wybo Pathbreaker app on an urban exploration throughout the city. To the soundtrack of "Catch A Snake" by Tussilago, Piques is shown surviving for three days where he cannot visit or do the same thing twice until he accidentally turns back to rescue his fallen baseball cap, while cycling on a date with a beautiful stranger. He pulls out his phone, which says game over.

The video can be seen here.

The clip ends with a title card encouraging fans to download the app and to try the challenge for themselves.

The Wybo Pathbreaker app, available for iOS and Android devices, uses GPS to determine a player's position and path, which is then presented on a map.

Players can compete via a leaderboard on the app, and there’s a competition for a vacation for three to Las Vegas.

The video will be hosted on the Wyborowa Facebook page and shared by Piques on his personal Facebook page, which has over 6.25 million likes. Piques' online fan base also includes 3 million Vine followers and over 1.8 billion Vine views that will also help support the campaign.

Already, the video has had 1.2 million views on Wybo's Facebook page and has received 3.5K likes.

The campaign targets social-media active adults over the legal drinking age around the world.

“Wyborowa wanted a way to engage people and build meaningful connections," says Philip Arvidsson, creative at Perfect Fools. "Pathbreaker brings to life it’s ‘dare to explore’ attitude and Jon Paul Piques is the perfect fit to combine the physical and digital elements of the campaign.”


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