Chicken Of The Sea Contest Urges New Activities -- Some Not Involving Seafood

Chicken of the Sea is jumping on the opportunity opened by the revised Dietary Guidelines’ recommendation that Americans increase their consumption of seafood.

The brand is hosting a combination contest/sweepstakes designed to encourage consumers to “broaden their horizons” by trying new activities. 

Those include eating seafood in both exotic dishes and simple fare (like tuna sandwiches in place of meat sandwiches), but also trying new physical, recreational, wellness and charitable activities. 

The contest is intended to offer consumers “tangible, easy ways to embrace a happier and healthier life,” as well as encourage them to eat more seafood, said Chicken of the Sea’s SVP of Marketing Christie Fleming.



The “Sea the Possibilities Challenge” is broken into three monthly contest periods, each with its own activities theme. The challenge for the Feb. 17-March 15 period is to “Give Kindness” by helping others in some way…or by “being kind to your body with lean and heart-healthy foods like salmon and tuna.” The Jan. 20-Feb. 16 period’s theme was “Get Healthy,” and the last period’s theme will be “Live Large.” 

During each of the three contest periods, entrants choose to take on a challenge within one of three levels: “In the kitchen” (examples include holding cooking competitions with friends, trying new recipes, and substituting other proteins with seafood in home-cooked meals); “better every day” (suggestions include adult field trips and gratitude exercises); and “go big” (ambitious activities like surfing, skydiving or marathon training, or planning a family reunion, or an event to feed the homeless).  

Then they capture themselves engaged in their challenge activity with a photo or video on Twitter or Instagram, or a text (Twitter only), using the hashtag #SeaThePossibilities. Alternately, they can register and submit a photo entry on the contest site, which also offers information about the contest and sweeps, and a gallery of contest entries.

The contest site also offers specific challenge ideas for residents of each of the 50 states, tied to local weather, activities and destinations. 

Chicken of the Sea is also promoting the contest through three social influencers: Sara O’Donnell of Average Betty (kitchen challenges), Lee Hersh of Fit Foodie Finds (everyday challenges), and Kiersten Rich of The Blonde Abroad (go-big challenges). The influencers are filming and posting their personal challenges on the contest site to encourage entries.

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