Checker's & Rally's Tells BK It's 'Time To Compare Wieners'

McCann shop Fitzgerald & Co has launched a saucy new campaign on behalf of its new client Checker’s and Rally’s that pokes fun at Burger King’s recent introduction of hot dogs to its menu. 

The campaign includes a full page ad that ran in Wednesday’s USA Today and a social media component, #WienerSmackdown.

The headline of USA Today ad read, “Hey Burger King It’s Time To Compare Wieners.” The body notes how “excited” C&R is to see that Burger King has added wieners to its menu, some 30-years after C&R started offering them. 

“So as Burger King shows their wiener in public for the very first time we are thrilled to offer our delicious dog for less than half the price,” the ad continues. “So swing on by any Checker’s and Rally’s and get a wiener that will treat you like a king.” 



The price C&R refers to is a promotion that runs through March. 

So far, the so-called “Wiener War” is pretty one sided, as Burger King has yet to engage. Officials there couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.


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