'Economist' Relaunches 'Intelligent Life' Magazine As '1843,' Goes Global

Next week, The Economist will relaunch its high-end culture and lifestyle magazine, Intelligent Life, as 1843.

The new name is inspired by the year The Economist was founded. 1843 plans to increase its global coverage by going beyond Europe to include America and Asia. For example, the launch issue will feature Sophie Roberts visiting the only hotel in Antarctica.

1843 will include profiles of headline-makers from The Economist, a fashion shoot in every issue and in-depth travel narratives. The magazine will also have sections devoted to tech, food and drink, art, design, and body and mind.

Nick Blunden, global managing director of client strategy for The Economist Group, explained the thinking behind the decision to relaunch the magazine as a global publication targeting well-educated, affluent readers around the world.

“Although the print magazine Intelligent Life had only been in Europe, when we looked at the digital side of it, on the Web site, most of the traffic was coming from outside, from North America and Asia… The opportunity seemed to be a truly global one," he says. "That’s what The Economist Group does really well, creating content that is relevant all around the world.”



The launch issue hits newsstands March 9 with an April/May cover, and will have 120 pages, including a profile of French politician Marine Le Pen. Like Intelligent Life, 1843 will publish six issues a year.

On the advertising side, Blunden noted that over 30 big luxury advertisers signed up for the launch issue, spanning product categories including watches, jewelry, fashion, automobiles, and the like, adding: “From an advertising perspective, the launch issue of 1843 is four times bigger than the last issue of Intelligent Life.”

Many clients are drawn specifically by the magazine’s global scope, according to Blunden. “Luxury advertisers are really thinking in terms of global campaigns. Luxury is a truly global phenomenon, not just in Europe but now in North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa,” he adds.

There will be apps for all devices and a redesigned Web site with new content posted daily. The site will go live -- without a paywall -- on March 7, the same day all social accounts and the app will switch from Intelligent Life to 1843.

Because there is no paywall, 1843 will rely more heavily on advertising for revenue. All display ads on 1843 will be in-stream formats that can be customized, breaking away from the model on Intelligent Life’s current site, according to reports.

Brand partners will have more commercial opportunities to create content in partnership with the editorial team, particularly video content.

Unlike Intelligent Life, 1843 will be bundled in the Economist premium subscriber package, which includes the digital and print editions of the title, as well as the annual outlook report The World In. The premium bundle has 460,000 subscribers.

The magazine will also be sold on newsstands in the U.K., Europe, North America and parts of Asia.

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