Digital Media Entrepreneurs Still Like The Idea Of Traditional TV

Revenues continue to soar for the likes of Facebook or Google. But wouldn’t they like to own a TV network -- just for fun, even?  Perhaps it wouldn’t necessarily be for the reasons we might think. Look at the promotion value point of view, or perhaps some new digital R&D programming and/or social media efforts.

CBS and others will say perhaps some digital players couldn’t stomach the ups and downs of producing quality TV. Big network-based media company talk up how their TV production efforts are still the only game in town when it comes to “premium” TV-video quality -- on any platform.

Marty Moe, president of Vox Media, told Ad Age that new digital entrepreneurs want to create a “new generation of television programming... for digital television consumers.” That doesn’t sound like anyone is abandoning TV just yet.



New business formulas seem to be coming as well, like Viceland’s plans to dramatically cut traditional TV advertising in half -- while increasing “native” TV and branded entertainment networks.

Why would digital media entrepreneurs want to drive in to do all this hard work? Traditional, long-term consumer behavior, and yes, still big TV advertising revenues  -- as well as affiliate revenues (though shrinking).

And also, top veteran digital media providers may, sometime in the near future, be hit with the same marketplace forces of all media -- that of fractionalization and even more media choice.

Misery loves company?

One has to believe radically new content,  geared to more digitally centric viewers, young or old -- as well as a new business formula -- is necessary for a new kind of TV network.

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