Copywriter Encourages Office Sex With Launch Of 'Agency Sex Quest'

A Belgrade-based copywriter, Mark Novakovic, has launched a Web site dubbed The site's tagline explains it all: "Why only let clients f*ck us when we can f*ck each other?" Cute. 

There's not much in the way of functionality to the site in, say, the way Tinder lets you make active hookups. Rather, the site encourages people to challenge themselves to, as it were, acquire notches in their belts. 

As part of promoting the site, Novakovic sent boxes of condoms to 30 agencies in Belgrade. Of the stunt, Novakovic said: "Last week I launched and distributed boxes full of condoms to the 30 most eminent agencies in Belgrade. The new trend in the Balkan region is 'ad conferences' -- people going to some remote locations to party, have sex and maybe to attend some boring lectures. So I wanted to have a little fun, give people a bunch of condoms and also encourage them to have sex with colleagues. :)"  



Of the site's seeming success, Novakovic told Adweek, "I got emails from seven different agency directors thanking me for the gift. This will probably sound cocky and stupid, but I also got something like 300 friend requests on Facebook after the site went live. It has had around 1,100 unique visits, so if we take into account that there are around 1,500 people working in the ad industry in Belgrade, then almost everybody saw it." 

Hey, everyone likes sex. Why not leverage that to boost your social media following? And to encourage some good old-fashioned sexual release.


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