Is That A Gun In Your Pocket Or Do You Just Want A Pay Raise?

Omnicom’s DDB NY has created a new national campaign to raise awareness about the gender pay gap. It coincides with International Women's Day, which is March 8.  

The campaign, a pro bono effort for Young Minds For Gender Equality Foundation, uses bawdy humor as a device to convey pay discrepancies in a video series called “The Business Bulge.” 

The first video introduces the viewer to Clark Hoffman, a fictional character who has created -- and is now trying to sell -- a new product called “The Business Bulge,” a product that women can wear under their clothes in order to get paid equally to their male colleagues. 

The video ends with the tagline: “A bulge in your pants means a bulge in your wallet.” See the video here.   

To support these online videos, select social media influencers, including celebrities and organizations, such as the Chelsea Film Festival, will use their own platforms to help draw attention to the issue. 



The Business Bulge site features campaign creative, facts about the wage gap and information on how to get involved with this cause.  

Offline, the campaign is designed to spark action among viewers. Students are invited to become YM4GE ambassadors and advocate on making gender equality a requirement in their schools' curriculum. Separately, professionals are encouraged to spur their organizations to address the gender equality issue. 

The video series was produced by Hank Perlman, the award-winning director who created one of ESPN’s most successful and influential campaigns, “This is SportsCenter.” 

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