Advertising's AMP Awards To Give Back With Donation To Musicians Foundation

This year's the AMP Awards is donating a portion of the proceeds from its 2016 competition to benefit the New York-based Musicians Foundation.

The AMP Awards is the ad industry’s annual competition for outstanding work in music and sound for all media. 

Agencies and brands pay to submit their best work in order to be honored in a variety of categories, including Best Original Song, Best Use of a Licensed Pre-existing Song, and the Most Effective Use of Music in a Campaign. In addition to its presentation to the Foundation, AMP will also induct an iconic brand into its Hall of Fame to join past honorees Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Nike, Chevrolet and Pepsi. 

This year the award show organizers wanted to develop something more worthwhile than simply throwing an annual celebration. Hence, in addition to providing financial support, the AMP will work with the Musicians Foundation's executive director B.C. Vermeersch as well as with its Advisory Council - which includes Joshua Bell and Wynton Marsalis - to help guide the non-profit's future goals, raise awareness, and better serve the overall musical community. 



"This high-profile industry event at which we celebrate the outstanding achievements of composers and musicians provides a unique opportunity to raise public awareness of the Foundation’s mission in supporting musicians and their families in need. It’s a win-win for both organizations," says Andrew Bloch, Managing Partner at human in New York, who’s active in AMP affairs and sits on the board of the Musicians Foundation board. He played a key role in bringing the organizations together.

This year's AMP Awards for Music and Sound, sponsored by the Association of Music Producers, takes place at the City Winery in New York City on May 11.  

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