Honda Celebrates History With Online Series

Honda is commemorating its heritage with an online series that follows the restoration of Serial One, the very first Honda that was sold in the U.S. in 1969.

The first video launched March 16 on Honda’s social channels and at Consumers can follow the progress on the Honda social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in addition to

The series will be updated weekly and will follow the painstaking restoration of the vehicle. Fans can follow the journey as N600 mechanic Tim Mings brings the vehicle back to life.



“We’re so proud to bring the story of Honda’s roots in the U.S. to life through the restoration of this vehicle,” said Alicia Jones, Honda social media manager, in a release.

In the late 60s, after a decade of growth that led to Honda becoming the top-selling motorcycle manufacturer in America and the world, the company embarked on a new mission to sell cars in the United States. Honda entered the U.S. market with the Honda N600, which was just 122 inches in length and could actually fit between the wheels of some full-size vehicles in America, which measured up to 225 inches in length and weighed nearly twice as much as the NSX.

Episode one begins with an introduction to Mings, known for his ability to bring the most destructed of vehicles back to life, specifically for his experience in working with N600’s, having owned one himself, and having restored more than 1,000 N600 vehicles throughout his career, but none as special as Serial One. After collecting dust in a junkpile for almost 50 years, a twist of fate helps “Serial One” find its way to Honda and the right man who can restore it to its former glory.  

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