Dollar Shave Club Launches First Non-Razor Campaign

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is launching its first campaign for a non-razor product, a skincare line called Big Cloud. 

The campaign, titled, “People Notice,” centers on  videos conceptualized in-house by DSC's eight-person creative agency team. The videos are designed to motivate DSC's three million members to care more about their skin. 

The concept is based on DSC's research that guys have a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" attitude when it comes to skincare. Either they try to take care of their skin and wind up with greasy hands, shiny face and glossy lips or they avoid taking care of their skin completely and experience cracked hands, sunburnt face and chapped lips.  

One video, to that end, shows a man on a job interview putting on greasy lotion right before the interviewer comes out to shake his hand. The video ends with the message that people notice how you care for yourself and Big Cloud helps guys do that. 



For now the ‘People Notice’ campaign will play online and on social media. DSC is planning "a targeted campaign that rolls out across multiple social channels," says Alec Brownstein, creative director and vice president of creative, DSC.  

"We are targeting all guys who have been frustrated by the current available skincare options, to help them understand the importance of taking care of their skin against the harsh elements of wind, sun and time." 

In all, DSC hopes this campaign will help the brand revolutionize skincare as it has for razors. In less than four years, DSC has become the number two razor brand in the country shipping 73 million cartridges per year and owning 16% of the men's cartridge market by volume. 

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