Bohan Conjures Up 'Eagle Steve' For U.S. Pest Protection

The pest control market can be boring and predictable, which is why U.S. Pest Protection and its agency Bohan Advertising are introducing a whimsical TV campaign based around an ambitious eagle named Eagle Steve.

The concept is already attracting attention from competitors. Within a month of launching, national rival Terminex purchased "Eagle Steve" for online searches to ensure that Terminex would pop up on top. 

The TV spot introduces Eagle Steve, described as a "superhero” that soars down from the sky, snatching pesky rodents in his talons and protecting consumer’s homes from pests.

The ad opens with a shot of a woman standing on a chair calling for help. Then our hero Eagle Steve is seen flying above a U.S. Pest Protection truck on its way to save the day. Another shot shows Eagle Steve at his desk, reading a newspaper with the headline “Local Hero Saves the Day.” Next, his red phone rings, and he takes off to help his next customer.



Eagle Steve, as envisioned and brought to life by Bohan, is designed to support U.S. Pest Protection's tagline: “We do whatever it takes to protect what matters most.”

The ad runs within U.S. Pest Protection's target market, regional local television stations in Middle Tennessee, as well as online. The small budget campaign is slowly going viral with the YouTube spot attracting more than 113,000 views. Impressive results for a campaign designed specifically for a small market. 

The ad can be seen here.

In addition to this 30-second spot, Bohan developed a full brand and identity program for the company including a logo, Web site, service vehicle graphics, business cards and employee uniforms.  

“This is probably the craziest idea we’ve ever done, said Erica Brister, president of U.S. Pest Protection. “But we trust our agency partners at Bohan and know Eagle Steve will have a significant positive impact on our business. We’re not a national company with a big budget, so it was important this campaign be something that stands out and separates us from the competition.”

This is the first collaboration between the two Tennessee-based companies.

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