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Programmatic TV? Not In 2016, But Data-Driven TV Buying Is Hot

Will programmatic TV set the world on fire in 2016 and make upfronts a legacy practice? Not likely, but data-driven TV buying is on the move, according to a report on CampaignUS. Programmatic TV is on track to comprise a majority of the overall TV ad spend (which was estimated at $79 billion in 2015), but it could take a decade or more. Even the biggest proponents of programmatic TV say that the upfronts and human-based selling are likely to continue. Programmatic TV ad spending was just $50 million in 2014, about 0.1% of total TV ad dollars, according to eMarketer, which estimates that figure will reach $11.48 billion by 2019, when it will be about 13% of the total US TV ad market. Firms like TubeMogul and Clypd take into account specific data sources beyond standard Nielsen ratings and segmentation.



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  1. Long Ellis from Tetra TV, March 24, 2016 at 11:59 a.m.

    The new and innovative TV data sets that are now entering the marketplace will bring a refreshing sea change in how TV is targeted, measured and optimized. Advertsiers have always wanted ways to reduce the inherent waste of a broadly targeted TV campaign, as well as connect it to digital media for additional reach and frequency across multiple screens. As the content explosion continues to bring down the average rating of every TV network, additional ways to measure the effectiveness of TV will be in hot demand for both TV Networks and advertisers. 

    Check out iSpot and TVision for a taste of what it happening in this area.  

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