Jay Pharoah Cavorts For Pepsi Spire

PepsiCo has recruited Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah to promote its digital beverage fountain, Spire.

Spire, launched in 2014, is PepsiCo’s answer to Coca-Cola’s Freestyle machine. By simultaneously pouring up to three flavor shots in combination with PepsiCo brands including Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Brisk Iced Tea, Spire enables users to create hundreds of customized beverages. 

Pharoah “crashed” the Spire machine in a new Arby’s restaurant in Manhattan’s Times Square. The comedian made virtual appearances on the machine’s screen, chatting up and good-naturedly heckling customers as they created and named their drinks. 

The video is viewable on Pepsi social channels including Twitter and YouTube.



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