Dream Factory: VSA Partners Brands A City That Will Be Completed In 2036

Colombia-based real estate development firm Novus Civitas is teaming with VSA Partners to attract investors and residents to Serena del Mar, a new city along Colombia's northern coast. 

Although the city won't fully be finished for 20 years, the first creative debuts in April to promote four residential properties. 

VSA is designing the brand narrative, a suite of bi-lingual materials including a comprehensive brand book, video, website, sales presentations, collateral, and the initial sales center experience design. 

“With a typical branding assignment, you can physically see the product or understand the service, you have research and findings, but creating a brand based on dreams has been a fascinating and rewarding challenge,” says Andrea Spiegel, client engagement partner and VSA NY Lead.   

“It was then our job to harness the vision and passion for Serena del Mar into a compelling brand narrative; a succinct story of the plan, ideas, experiences and values that represent the authenticity and depth behind the future city,” says Spiegel. “The idea of ‘opportunity’ became central to defining and telling that story.” 

The concept conveys how Serena del Mar would be the place that welcomes everyone home. As envisioned the city will be environmentally-friendly and a place where people can find fulfilling work, top-tier education, world-class healthcare, prime business space, culture, green spaces and more. 

The messaging also serves as a contrast to other Colombia cities, specifically neighboring Cartagena. As a live, culture-rich and inspiring, as Cartagena is—its aging infrastructure, lack of career opportunities, higher education and quality of life, has generated dissatisfaction with living conditions in the city and even caused many Cartageneros to relocate to other regions of Colombia or abroad, say VSA executives.



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