FourthWall Media, Collective Deal: TV Segmentation First, Then Attribution

Programmatic and ad tech company Collective is licensing FourthWall Media cable TV set-top-box viewing data, which will help it push to more attribution measures.

Collective will gain access to FourthWall's TVMatch product, which identifies “customized” television audience segments from demographic and purchase intent data.

Collective will use FourthWall’s second-by-second set-top-box data for its VISTO advertising system and its Audience Engine digital advertising products.

For two years, the two companies have worked together for advertisers on audience segmentation. FourthWall set-top-box viewing data comes from about 2 million U.S. households in 90 markets.

Recently, FourthWall made a deal with New York-based Cablevision Media Sales for its set-top data, which expands sales efforts more U.S. markets.

Bill Feininger, president of FourthWall Media, told Media Daily News that the deal with Collective will extend further: “Attribution will become part of this as they create their own custom segments.”



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