Zuora, Time Inc. Partner To Provide End-to-End Subscription Solution

Zuora Inc., the provider of subscription services for publishers like The Guardian, and Time Inc.’s customer service division (TCS) announced today that they will team up to co-market and co-sell their end-to-end subscription solutions.

“The partnership provides an integrated solution for media companies to transform into agile, data-centric businesses with diverse revenue streams,” according to a statement from Zuora.

Craig Barberich, Zuora’s global head of media solutions, told Publishers Daily that Zuora will provide the cloud-based software for managing commerce, billing, finance and analytics around subscription services. TCS will provide their expertise in the delivery of products like magazines and newspapers, call center services and marketing strategy, such as how to reach the right customers.



“To remain competitive, media companies must adapt to the radical change in how people consume information and content,” stated Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo. “The success of companies like Netflix, Spotify and Hulu is forcing all media companies to focus on redefining their digital subscription business models.”

Tzuo added that Zuora’s partnership with TCS will enable “any player to rapidly develop a complete print and digital distribution platform so it can compete at any level.”

Barberich said that as publishers move from the traditional print model to the digital model, they need infrastructure and software products to increase speed to market, reduce start-up costs to get subscription services in place.

He added that they have started talking to publishers and entertainment companies about their end-to-end solution but can’t announce any clients yet.

According to Tim Adams, president and CEO of TCS, Zuora’s capabilities have already been integrated into the platform that supports Time Inc. UK.

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