Ace Says Pepsi's 1893 TV Ad Hitting The Mark

While actual sales of PepsiCo’s new 1893 premium cola, which debuted just a few weeks ago, remain to be seen, the launch’s first TV spot is drawing a strong positive response from consumers, according to Ace Metrix.

The new soda brand — inspired by an original recipe created by Pepsi founder Caleb Bradham in 1893 — uses kola nut extract, real sugar and sparkling water, and aims to capitalize not only on Millennials’ fondness for natural, distinctive and retro flavors, but also on the “mixology” trend.

The goal of positioning the beverage as a cocktail mixer as well as a stand-alone beverage is clear in the Pitch agency’s launch ad, “1893: Soda Sommelier.” The spot (below) shows young adults witnessing a sommelier’s humorously enthusiastic tasting of the new soda, as if he were tasting wine or whiskey.



In Ace Metrix testing, the ad scored a 607 — 9% above the soda category average of 557, according to the research firm.

The spot is so far outperforming the category averages in the Ace Score components of “information” and “change” by 27% and 11%, respectively.

“The dominance of these traits is an excellent sign for Pepsi, in that this message is intended to convey information and a change in direction for the brand,” observed the researchers in the Ace Metrix blog. “The ad actually has the highest scores in these components for any ad we’ve tested in the soda category in 2016.”

It’s also scoring high on “communication” and “desire” measures.

While the ad is performing above the category norm across both genders and all age groups, it’s performing particularly well among its (presumed) core target of Millennials — males 21-35 in particular, Ace reports.

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