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IPG's Cadreon Bulks Up On Advanced TV, Not 'Programmatic' TV

AdExchanger reports that Interpublic Group is recruiting for at least five new Advanced TV positions for its trading desk and tech unit Cadreon as Madison Ave. prepares for the upfronts. The move is a reaction to networks such as NBCUniversal and Fox attempting to automate digital video, display and now linear TV inventory through private exchanges. However, Cadreon has taken pains to use the "Advanced TV" moniker. Why? “We have a huge appetite for evolving the way TV is planned and bought, but one of the things we wanted to do was to make sure we didn’t call it programmatic TV,” said Erica Schmidt, EVP and managing director for Cadreon North America. “We called it advanced TV because there is automation and application of data involved.”

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