Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Marketing

Most dealership promotional initiatives consist of either big cheesy blow-up figures outside waving you in, or super flashy events, but Indian Motorcycle is taking a different tack  to attract customers on Saturday April 16 to test drive one of its motorcycles. 

Developed with Team One, Saatchi & Saatchi’s luxury agency, the first 4,600 people who go in and test ride an Indian can leave with a collectible handcrafted piece of Indian Motorcycle art made with the signature Indian red paint that has been the brand’s trademark since 1904.

Team One recruited stencil artist Matthew Curran, whose work has been displayed in galleries throughout England, Tokyo US, because of his expertise in blending fine art with a “street” sensibility.  "He is also a huge fan of the brand. He was the perfect fit," says the agency. 



Curran decided to craft an image of Indian's famous Chief Dark Horse motorcycle because it’s an "unpolished, raw version of the classic Indian Chief bike," says the agency. 

Curran began with an ink painting and then meticulously began cutting out stencils and applying the Indian red paint. The artist made 180 signed original posters - one for each dealership.

"They can decide who or how that goes to someone, or they can choose to hang it in their dealership," says the agency. And then each place receives 25 reprints to be given away to test riders.  

The promotional video touting this deal was emailed to everyone on the Indian Motorcycle mailing list, and posted to the brand’s Facebook page. Additionally, each individual dealer was provided with signage to promote the posters across their own social channels. 

Team One was named the brand’s agency of record almost a year ago.

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