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Samsung, Huawei Marketing Competing VR Headsets

Huawei Technology has entered the mobile virtual reality competition. The Chinese company revealed Friday a VR headset that can be coupled with one of its own flagship smartphones, as is the case with the competing Samsung Gear VR. The Huawei VR headset will be launched in 2016, possibly in late spring, but the firm has not disclosed its pricing. The Huawei VR will be paired with the recently unveiled Huawei P9 or Huawei P9 Plus. Both handsets boast 1080p displays, with the P9 phone’s measuring 5.2 inches and the P9 Plus phone’s measuring 5.6 inches. Each employs a USB-C cable for charging. The phones are geared toward photography enthusiasts with dual cameras developed in partnership with the famed camera manufacturer Leica. Huawei has not yet announcing the U.S. pricing or release dates of the smartphones, but in Europe the P9 and P9 Plus base prices will be 599 euros ($677) and 749 euros ($846), in that order.

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