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Marketers Cautioned To Hold Off On Wearables Advertising

Anyone with a stake in the Internet of Things (IoT) was likely gratified to see that the most-downloaded free app from the Apple App Store on Christmas Day 2015 was the sensor-laden fitness tracking device Fitbit. It was one more sign that the lumbering but potentially massive market for connected devices for consumers is gaining meaningful traction. Certainly, the proliferation of smart-home devices on display a few weeks later at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) underlined the rising number of options for connected technology in the home. With wired mats for pantry shelves that signal homeowners when the sugar is running low, smart robot vacuums, and the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator with its 21.5" touchscreen and interior cameras to monitor what's on its own shelves, companies are making it increasingly alluring for the average consumer to test the IoT water.

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