Mother New York Recruits Interns By Sharing Its Scent With 'Smelling Stations' At Ad Schools

When it comes to recruiting interns, we've seen some inventive stuff. One agency created pop-up offices at local colleges. Another encouraged potential interns to bullshit their way into a gig. Yet another recruited interns by offering them an Airbnb-like stay on a couch in the agency's loft. And that's just a few recent examples.

One wonders where all this creativity disappears to when it comes to client work. 

In any event, yet another agency has crafted yet another innovative stunt to recruit interns. This time it is Mother New York which is luring potential recruits by offering up sample smells of the agency. Yes, that's right, the agency is luring interns with the sweet smells of agency life.



To promote the agency's summer internship program which runs from June 6 to August 12, the agency has erected "smelling stations" at ad schools across the country to encourage students to apply to the program.

There's also a website on which potential recruits can experience an "auditory whiff" of the agency and fill out an application for the program. On the site, the agency describes itself as "an independent creative company with an inspiring scent." 

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