Chobani, Gatorade Tie Higher Offline Sales To Search, Video Advertising

Consumer product goods (CPGs) companies have begun to see measurable increases for in-store sales from online advertising as attribution technology gets better at tracking back results. Chobani recently partnered with Yahoo to run a search advertising campaign.

The results helped Chobani understand the value of clicks, the impact of search frequency and whether branded or generic ads were most effective. By bidding on relevant search terms and then measuring the results with Yahoo's help, Chobani saw a return on its search advertising efforts.

Both companies said the results demonstrate the relationship between search engine results pages (SERPs) and sales following the test with Nielsen Catalina Solutions that showed a strong correlation between on-screen ads and in-store buys.



Attribution continues to improve, connecting online advertising with offline sales. The two companies released a measurement study showing how the campaign impacted in-store sales. Using household data on demographics, purchase histories, regional purchase behavior and buying cycles, the study proved the influence of search ads on in-store sales of Chobani products.

The study ran in May and June, but measured sales through July, matching an exposed group to the campaign as well as an unexposed group.

Google released similar data Tuesday showing how 77% of YouTube TrueView campaigns showed an increase in offline sales, with 61% driving a significant lift in sales of the advertised brand. The company has developed technology that allows it to measure the impact of online video for offline sales.

The first round of tests focused on the consumer packaged goods (CPGs) industry for which more than 90% of sales happen offline. The move was made possible through an integration with the Oracle Data Cloud.

Gatorade’s We Love Sweat campaign earned $13.50 sales in return on advertising spend (ROAS) for every dollar spent on YouTube's TrueView advertising platform. The campaign drove sales 16% higher among new buyers that had seen the video vs. new buyers that had not, according to Google.

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