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Verizon Patent Deals With Facial Recognition For Ad Targeting

Verizon details in a patent application obtained by The Donohue Report how it could use facial recognition and Apple’s iBeacon micro-location technology to deliver targeted advertising and video programming to consumers. Cupertino, Calif.-based Verizon Product Strategist Seth Cohen is named as inventor on the patent application, titled, “Method and system for evaluating a user response to a presence based action.” An approach and system for determining a level of effectiveness of a device action performed in response to the presence of a user is described. The system identifies a user associated with a presence signal transmitted by a transmitting object in use by the user during an event. The system also initiates a rendering of content associated with the user, an event host, one or more items associated with the event host, or a combination thereof at a sensing device that detects the presence signal. Still further, the system determines a response of the user to the content based on movement information, location information, transaction information, or a combination thereof associated with the transmitting object, the user, or a combination thereof during the event.

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