Dove, Havas Want Women To Love Their Hair

Eight in 10 women (81%) feel the hair seen in advertisements makes women feel bad about their own hair which is why Dove Hair and its agency Havas Helia UK are introducing the Love Your Hair campaign to remind women that beautiful hair is not singularly defined.

The campaign includes a film that showcases stories of real women who wear their hair how they choose, regardless of external pressures that may have told them otherwise. And it aims to inspire more women to do the same. Those that watch the film are then encouraged to continue the conversation across social media with the #LoveYourHair hashtag to celebrate their own hair type. 

Dove Hair is also working with Elizabeth Benedict, editor of “Me, My Hair, and I: Twenty-seven Women Untangle an Obsession,” to introduce articles and discussion pieces examining the relationship women have with their hair, and to further understand the impact it has on women’s’ lives and self-esteem.



Despite its universal message, one key challenge is translating this campaign internationally which is why it will roll out in customized form across multiple markets, says the agency. 

“Our research indicated that the vast majority of women don’t actually love their hair, and most feel tremendous pressure to conform to societal beauty norms. This was heartbreaking to us,” said Rob Candelino, VP of marketing and general manager of hair care. “We work to help women see their hair as a source of confidence that never holds them back. The Dove #LoveYourHair initiative is designed to celebrate all the wonderful, real life stories of women who choose to quiet these outside pressures and wear their hair the way they themselves feel most beautiful and confident.”

Havas has worked with Dove for five years. 

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