Screenvision Media Grabs Sir John Hegarty As Creative Chair In Residence

Sir John Hegarty has a new gig. The legendary ad man will step in as Creative Chair in Residence at Screenvision Media to help the organization make, well, better advertising for the purveyor of on-screen advertising and movie theater lobby promotions. 

Of the teamup, Screevision Media CEO John Partilla said: "Audiences, now more than ever, must be wholly captivated by the story being presented to them, thus making imaginative storytelling of paramount importance to Screenvision Media. There is not a more powerful screen in media than cinema, and we believe wholeheartedly that the creative community aspires to have its work showcased here. We are honored that Sir John will be working with us to elevate the art of cinematic storytelling through collaboration with our in-house creative team, as well as advertising and tech partners." 

And of joining Screenvision Media, Hegarty added, "I have been a part of the advertising landscape for over 50 years and know that you must engage in meaningful conversation with your audience in order to connect with them. Screenvision Media gives their partners the opportunity to do just that through thoughtful craftsmanship of impactful cinematic stories, and I'm eager to work with them and together tap into fresh ideas and heighten the power of storytelling on the big screen." 



As Creative Chair in Residence, Hegarty, along with the backing of Screenvision Media's creative group, 40 Foot Solutions, will provide creative council to advertising partners during the development of big-screen ad content. He will hold the position for three years starting in May 2016.


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