Tapjoy Picks Rubicon Project As Exclusive Launch Partner For Tapjoy Private Exchange

Mobile monetization provider Tapjoy and advertising marketplace Rubicon Project on Tuesday announced the launch of the Tapjoy Private Exchange. The private exchange opens Tapjoy’s premium in-app, opt-in mobile video inventory to programmatic ad buyers via Rubicon Project’s Orders platform for the first time. It also allows brands to access mobile video on an opt-in, rewarded basis.

What the partnership means is that inventory across Tapjoy’s publisher network of more than 10,000 mobile apps, which reach some 520 million monthly active mobile consumers globally, will now be available in Rubicon Project’s Orders platform. Tapjoy says its Opt-in Video ads offer advertisers 100% viewability and 90+% completion rates. Tapjoy ads employ a value-exchange model that rewards consumers for their time and attention to video advertisers by providing them with access to premium content native to each app experience.

"We have seen a significant increase in demand from brand advertisers looking for programmatically accessible premium mobile video,” said Steve Wadsworth, CEO of Tapjoy, in an email to Real-Time Daily. “Our premium inventory has not historically been available through programmatic channels because it is a rewarded experience deeply integrated into the app environment. Our partnership with Rubicon now allows for brands to access the best in mobile video: opt-in, rewarded, skippable, and natively integrated into apps, for the first time,” he said.



The partnership represents a strategic shift for Rubicon in that it will focus more heavily on rewarded video ads, which have become more popular with marketers and consumers.

For example, a recent report from Unity Technologies examining the impact of video ads on consumer retention and revenue in mobile games found that 52% of mobile game developers said that video ads provided the highest revenue per user compared to other types of in-game advertising. For players, the report found that 71% of users said watching video ads is their preferred way to 'pay' for in-game content, and 62% of players said they "always or sometimes" choose to watch a video ad to receive an in-game reward if they are given a chance.

The partnership also extends Tapjoy’s strategy to open up its inventory to more buyers. The company began to do this by partnering with mediation platforms MoPub, Fyber and Aerserv earlier this year. 

“By automating rewarded video with partners like Tapjoy, we are advancing our mission to empower the consumer by bringing them into the advertising equation as an active participant -- choosing how to trade their time and attention in return for a more personalized and engaging experience,” stated Joe Prusz, head of mobile, Rubicon Project.

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