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Publishers In Southeast Asia Can't Afford To Ignore Programmatic

A report on ExchangeWire notes that while publishers in Southeast Asia recognize that ad tech is increasingly necessary, most are still failing to fully embrace programmatic as one of the most important ad-tech components. Marcus Tan, Asia-Pacific Japan managing director at SpotX, explains why publishers can no longer afford to look away and must start participating in the region’s development of programmatic. Tan writes: "Companies that aggregate publishers’ inventory have created a simplified process of ad buying by offering a one-stop shop for advertisers to buy across dozens, or even hundreds, of websites. This is a valuable service for some media owners; but, for most, it can limit the ability to fully maximize video ad yield and ROI. ...The industry knows it must innovate, as data-driven buying and automation efficiencies inevitably become the norm – and it is time to act."



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