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Adblock Plus Launches Payment Tool For Online Content

Ad-blocking software provider Adblock Plus is launching a feature that will allow users to pay Web sites for content, which could help those sites recoup some revenue from visitors who choose to avoid ads, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. In conjunction with a partnership with Sweden-based content-funding startup Flattr, "Adblock Plus users will be given an option to specify how much money they wish to contribute collectively every month to the websites they visit, Adblock Plus parent company Eyeo GmbH said Tuesday. The companies are calling the program 'Flattr Plus.'" The Journal reports that "Flattr and Adblock Plus will keep a 10% cut of the revenue generated from the Flattr Plus program and divide it between them. The remaining revenue will be divided up and handed to publishers, based on which websites users engage with the most. Adblock Plus and Flattr are working on an algorithm to determine what “engagement” actually means, beyond just time spent on individual sites."



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