Loosely Targeted TV Ads This Political Season: Your Monster... Or Shampoo?

Perhaps, I’m not the right targeted audience on daytime TV these days. 

On CNBC, I keep seeing TV commercials for Donald Trump, coming from the something called “Great American PAC.” It's worried the GOP is looking to steal a potential nomination from Trump. 

The commercial didn’t say exactly who the GOP would be “giving” the GOP presidential nomination to.

If I’m a consumer, I need the full story line -- whether in some actual TV programming or a TV commercial. Also, it would be good to know a little about the candidate. The “Great American PAC” says it is not affiliated, nor authorized with any specific candidate.

The TV ad -- complete with active photo stills of Trump in effusive candidate-mode speaking making -- implores me to call an 800 number to pledge support. I have yet to be moved. 



Mind you, I’ve seen very few presidential campaign TV commercials. In California, the campaign hasn’t “reached” my viewing interests either via national or local TV channels.

The only TV commercial I seem to be engaged in is for a new theatrical movie -- “Money Monster” -- starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, a Wall Street thriller around a finance TV personality. 

Teased with a number of TV commercials for the Sony Pictures Entertainment film, I’d bite. For me, it’s seems like a standard hostage thriller. And that’s enough.

For my wife? Not so much. “I don’t like Julia Roberts' hair,” were the first words out of her mouth. Fair enough.

TV marketers -- of any type -- it's always a difficult task to get people to be “engaged,” to take action. When those ads aren’t looking for direct action, they can also be found doing general awareness “brand” campaigns. 

In the political area, the first option can be obvious: Take action and vote for this person. 

Instead, the first political ad I see doesn’t offer up what a new president would do for me, but what I can do for him.

The message doesn’t complete the sale. Why will this particular hair shampoo give my hair a better sheen? Need to find out what Julia Roberts is using.

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