This Is Your TV Brain. This Is Your TV Brain Run By An Algorithm

Silly Algorithm.  Now ESPN shows us there is more to TV recommendations -- more to actual TV viewing -- than what an algorithm says.

So a new ESPN promo called “Queue” recognizes that viewers have enough brains to figure out what they want to watch — and that TV recommendation search engines are lacking.

The spot opens with woman sitting on a couch, with the TV on.

Her streaming queue suggests she watch a film about a diamond heist.

Then, looking out the window, she see some kids playing basketball, which gives her an idea.  She realizes: “Duh, the Warriors game is on.” And changes the channel to  ESPN.

No surprise here. ESPN is pushing the valuable idea of live sports -- with consumers.

Live sports continues to be the savior of many sports networks -- especially from those critics who point to high carriage fee costs that can be passed on to pay TV consumers.



But those same pay TV providers can also benefit. Live sports programmers is also known as “premium” TV programming these days, commanding premium TV advertising cost per thousand pricing -- from local and national advertisers.

Live sports is a major draw in a world of advertising avoidance that seems to be growing on digital media platforms. Still, to be sure, TV recommendation engine/software will grow in importance as media continues to fractionalize.

Algorithms and big data helps lot of TV businesses. But stuff always falls through the cracks. Algorithms can’t do everything -- currently, at least. Silly television.

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