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Demanding 100% Viewability Makes A Good Headline, But It Isn't Worth The Price

"One hundred percent sounds like the best there is – but that’s not 100% true when it comes to viewability," a report in AdExchanger declares. The publication has its own spin on Goodway Group's news regarding the economics of delivering 100% viewable campaigns. Keith Pieper, VP of technology at IMM, tells AdExchanger that for marketers measuring ROI by online sales revenue or lifetime value minus the cost of media, targeting 60% viewability seems to deliver the best bang for their buck, although that won’t necessarily be the case for every client.  “It’s about finding the right threshold,” Pieper said. “What is the incremental value of that extra point of viewability for the extra CPM you’re paying?” IMM ran several viewability tests for clients, including one with a telecom firm looking at private Deal ID inventory buys across a variety of publishers with guaranteed higher viewability. "The conclusion: Paying more for higher viewability as a way to maximize conversion rate is a smart move, but only up to a point. After about 50%, the cost-benefit ratio starts to slip."



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