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Rocket Fuel Angles For Agency Business

Rocket Fuel has been successful at building relationships with international agencies and independent North American agencies, said CEO Randy Wootton during the company’s first-quarter 2016 earnings call Tuesday. But it has “not yet turned the tide with key holding companies in North America.” That remains a challenge. Rocket Fuel’s penetration into international agencies -- often owned by the very North American companies that Rocket Fuel is struggling to work with -- drove a lot of the 6% non-GAAP first-quarter growth to net revenue of $62.2 million, according to a report in AdExchanger. (Rocket Fuel is moving to a net revenue model because, Wootton said, it better reflects its move to a software-focused company. GAAP revenue was $104.7 million, flat compared to $104.3 million during the same period last year.) "Wootton speculated that international agency buy-in is happening because they’re further away from North American headquarters." 



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